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Our thoughtfully curated showcase includes established and upcoming brands that champion sustainability and all things handmade. We love to see traditional weaving, dyeing and crafting techniques coming together to create modern, effortless silhouettes that can be worn easily everyday.
Our partner brands are predominantly women-led businesses, and our featured collections directly support artisans, small rural businesses, and other community-level organisations. Each of our partners are actively trying to revive, preserve and promote the use of natural and sustainable materials, handwoven and hand dyed fabrics, hand embroidery, and other traditional crafts and techniques.

Why choose slow, handmade fashion today
By choosing handmade we are consciously putting our planet first. Handmade fashion is slow, but handmade is the future. When we choose slow fashion we proactively appreciate the skills of artisans and crafts-people, and directly support their livelihoods. When we actively choose to wear natural materials we are being kinder to ourselves and living more in tune with the seasons and with nature.

Champion slow fashion by ordering a piece on our platform
While we do keep a very small stock of our most popular pieces, almost all of our partner brands stitch a displayed style only after they have received your order. This is an attempt to minimize wastage of resources and materials. When you order a piece from our showcase, we will inform you immediately if the piece is readily available or if it will be made after you confirm your order. In case it is being made to order, we will inform you every step of the way about your order’s status and you will have your delivered to you at the earliest (within 4-6 weeks).


Our logo is a modern interpretation of a simple but widely used traditional weaving motif—the Rui Phool—coloured indigo.
The Rui Phool literally refers to the open cotton pod from which cotton is harvested. It is both ancient and also widely used as a design element and can be seen woven into silks, cottons and jamdani. Once woven into a pattern, from a distance it appears as a simple circular shape, and up close, one sees the elements of flower.
Cotton, from bud to boll, represents transformation—blossom to fabric. For us, the Rui Phool represents the circle of life. It represents circularity and reminds us that there is no future to fashion if we don’t close the loop.
Choosing to colour our Rui Phool motif indigo was a natural extension of our deep love for indigo. The story of indigo is old, its significance runs deep, and the love for it is universal. While none of these aspects were lost on us, our choice was made purely out of love.
This indigo coloured Rui Phool truly represents us.
Learn more about our brands and artisan clusters. Read more about the types of fabrics and techniques used to make the styles you see here. 
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